The spy pen is "THE" spy gadget to have!

You can use both for your safety, or to take notes or record important events of everyday life. And of course, as the name suggests, you can use it for spying on people around you.

Having a spy camera pen or may be more practical and useful, especially in situations where evidence may be needed.

Examples of uses of the spy pen which you would perhaps not thought that might interest you:

1 - To record the daily events

Use the spy pen to take videos such as the birthday party of your children, an unexpected visit from a distant relative. Shoot an object you saw in a store and show it to your spouse before buying to see if it suits him: a new car, a television, clothing ...

2 - To save important conversations for future reference

Your conversation with your landlord? The completion of a major contract? Maybe a friend has asked you to lend him money? ... Oral agreements between friends are not rare, and when things go wrong, the two find themselves discussing without any proof of their verbal agreement.

3 - To save a medical appointment

We can all admit that sometimes there are medical terms, treatments, suggestions, and procedures that the doctor gives us that we can hardly understand. then use your pen to record the conversation with your doctor. You can listen again to what the doctor said, which will help you understand some of the details that escape you and do a search for medical terms online for example.

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