Would you buy one smartwatch but do not know yet what to orient template? I understand you. Now there are so many smartwatch on the market, of every size, type and price, which is really difficult to navigate.

How about if we try to understand something more analyzing together the main features that you have to look before buying one smartwatch phone? Will not be long, I promise.

Size - the smartwatch can have different sizes and different shapes. There are those having circular display which look very elegant and are very similar to traditional clocks, and then there are those with square screen that are perhaps a little 'less beautiful to look at but show more information on screen and are more comfortable to use. The screen of the smartwatch is almost always to touch type, but there are also some watches do not touch (especially in the economic sphere). Another exception is made for the smart band, bracelets for monitoring of sporting activities (pedometer, calories burned, heart rate etc.) That can often be used to mo 'smartwatch to display the time, receive notifications from your smartphone and answer calls via Bluetooth.

operating system and compatibility - before buying one smartwatch you must ensure that it is compatible with your smartphone, or rather, you must ensure that your operating system is compatible with the operating system of your smartphone. Here's a quick list of the main software platforms available in the smartwatch market and their level of compatibility with smartphones.

Android Wear - is a version of Android optimized for wearable devices. It is compatible with all smartphones equipped with Android 4.3 or later and iPhone, albeit in a limited way. Only some smartwatch Android models offer compatibility with iOS.

WatchOS - is the operating system of Apple Watch. It is only compatible with iPhone (iPhone 5 and up) and as easy to understand integrates with iOS much better than any other operating system to smartwatch.

Tizen OS - it is the operating system used by Samsung in its latest smart watches. It is compatible with all devices running Android 4.4 or later.

Other operating systems - some manufacturers, such as Pebble, Alcatel etc. realize the smartwatch equipped with proprietary operating systems can interact with both Android and iOS (often in a less complete than Android Wear and WatchOS, and less app available).

Functionality and sensors - not all smartwatch offer the same functions or the same number of sensors. Before you buy one you have to carefully consider the areas in which you intend to use it and check if it has all the features you need. Some examples?

Pedometer, sensor for detecting heart rate and altimeter are very useful tools for portivi, but not all smartwatch complement them.

Not all smartwatch are resistant to shock, water or dust. If you do not want your new pat watch is broken to the first bump or the first fall in the water, make sure to have appropriate certification for resistance to these elements (eg. IP67, IP68 and so on).

Not all smartwatch allow you to make or receive calls directly from the watch. In some cases lacking own speaker and microphone to take advantage of these functions, in others it is the operating system that limits its use (until the beginning of 2016 Android Wear did not allow you to answer calls from the smartwatch, for example). Usually they call from smartwatch are made using your smartphone as a "bridge" but there are also a smartwatch with slots for SIM that can work independently from the smartphone, in this case we speak of a hybrid mobile device clock that lets you make and receive calls and SMS as a true smartphone.

The battery life is another key factor in choosing a smartwatch. Generally the battery of a watch of this kind takes 1-2 days, but there are also smartwatch that use energy-saving display (eg. The ePaper display of Pebble) and then allow you to go on for several days without recharging the device .

Materials and straps - the smartwatch can be also considered as fashion accessories, it is therefore essential to pay attention to their appearance, the quality of materials used to manufacture and straps available. Yes, even the straps are important! If you want a smartwatch that is suitable for every occasion, from the race to the appointment business park, make sure the watch has of interchangeable straps, and the straps on the market are quite varied.

With this I would say that is all. Now let's try to find out what is the smartwatch's right for you by doing a quick overview of the best watches for Android and iPhone currently outstanding. Features, specifications and retail prices: are all listed below!