Looking for a hidden camera to use at home, in the office or at your location?

Looking for a discrete product, hidden in a place where no one can expect?

The wall clock camera is a clock entirely conventional. An elegant and fully functional black and silver clock, equipped with a bell, which hangs nicely on the wall of an office or at home, has a goal of providing a motion detection system and records the data collected on a SD memory card (4 GB memory card included for about 16h of records).

Sony HD Hidden Camera

There are many situations in which you would have liked to see or hear what is said or done during your absence. It is also nice to leave with peace of mind when you know a hidden camera watching over your property values. Install a visible surveillance camera is not always the right solution. If you prefer preferring one discrete schemes to monitor your premises, this wall clock camera is ideal. The wall clock camera records every movement in high definition (1280x720 pixels or 520 TVL) with its objective Sony CCD 1/3 ''. Recordings can then be transferred to a computer for storage and used.

Wall Clock Camera with Motion Detection

The wall clock camera can activate or be set (using the supplied remote control) on the detector mode movements so not record images when motion is detected in the room. Thus ended the waste of memory and time: you will not spend endless time to remove unnecessary data from your recordings. Also, if the memory is full, the oldest images are overwritten.

The device works on sector, but can also be used with its its lithium ion battery (25Wh and 50Wh between). The clock itself runs on a battery pack (AA) for a use that does not arouse suspicion.

Hidden professional camera

The perfect finishes and variety of possible uses are the spy camera clock a professional quality camera.

The quality of his goal 1/3 "Sony CCD offers beautifully smooth images in high definition and offers the professional quality of this type of product.

An adjustable motion detection sensitivity to 5 levels.

Pre-recording function: Recording starts 3 seconds before a motion is detected so as not to lose any detail.

Shops, offices, holiday homes ... The wall clock camera offers in all these situations

functional and aesthetic clock that monitors the same time you like to heart: An ideal monitoring system that can save you a lot of worry.

Use wall clock camera without the consent of all parties concerned

may be illegal in your country.

Check state and local laws before using these products in such a way.

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