I would not have the audacity to call it a test because I only just unpack and install home but I've put the hand on MyFox Security Camera of the two products announced at CES by French brand!

The Security Camera comes complete (but also works standalone) alarm "Home Alarm". Aboard this small object connected, 720p 30fps shooting camera with a 130 degree view angle, infrared illumination for "night vision", a motion sensor, a microphone and a speaker and a battery backup and connectivity WiFi 802.11b / g / n. It also has an electronically controlled cache that prevents the wearable cameras from filming when active mode "Privacy".

This replaces the Panasonic BL-C131 MyFox that sold in the past with its alarm and it was powered but was not wide angle:

In the box we find the camera, a white USB cable 3 meters, a small carrier to guide the camera tilt (depending on whether you install it vertically or furniture / fireplace) and optional it is possible to buy a wall mount.

Small presentation video!

Following my video got a little information .. ^ _ ^ .. It is therefore possible to use the camera without subscription service MyFox called "CVR" (Camera Video Recorder I guess). Without subscription you have access to the live camera view, snapshots (taken from the smartphone), and push email alerts.

Level video quality it is to go there really clear what the film wifi cameras, wide angle is practical it allows to place the camera where you want and see all the room:

I have not yet tried the night vision but when I do I will try to update this post.

Hop Night vision:

Last handy little feature that I show in the video, you can zoom (digital zoom) up to 4x in the image and the quality is very decent.