Breeder of purebred dogs is one of my passions unavoidable but also my livelihood. I love these animals, and recently I even enlarge this small canine paradise they all have more space.

variety of races I crossed as the season of love. Once the females are brought into the world, I'm on it like it were my own infants by vaccinating them and once they have reached a fairly mature, they will be presented to potential buyers.

I never experienced bad news with concern to that beautiful day when I noticed that three of the puppies were missing. Panicked, I started to look everywhere but in vain. They were not found. That was not in doubt, had stolen me.

To find out who were behind the coup, I bought online mini hidden cams and I placed in good crannies between the fences the domain dogs. I had to wait until the next range to finally find out it was a guy, a junkie in the neighborhood who crept quietly to capture newborns for resale. He went anyway, good naughty minutes at the station.

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