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When it creates an editorial, Til Schweiger, this notorious, ubiquitous round neck sweater-chinos-carrier to put in black suit and tie, then they can be quiet some imagine it. 'It's Showtime', called the ZDF, and Schweiger, currently on PR tour for his cinema "Tatort" ( "Off Duty"), made Saturday night at the premiere of "Hidden Camera 2016 - tricked Prominent" willingly to adequately wardrobe to welcome the new star host of the transmitter. On Silent Command "! Hau rein, you're my hero" put Steven Gätjen Go therefore and fully led to Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" a breathless dance that it rattled: Wow, the man can self-irony! The joy on more wow moments after this funny clip to show the beginning fizzled quickly, however.

Before it goes to the further course of the mission, was first again this "hero", the ZDF with so much fuss friendly welcomes and for weeks consuming antrailert, explained in detail. Steven Gätjen who for ZDF addition of "Candid Camera" and the live show "I can do that!" (On 25 February 2016 for the first time) will moderate, has overflowed from the private television. There the mid-forties reaped laurels, not only because he hosted all Stefan Raab shows so trip over as akzentelos. For Pro Sieben, the German was a US passport especially "our man in Hollywood", the reliable international stars took at the Oscars to the German microphone. This year will be available for Pro Sieben instead of him on the red carpet before the Dolby Theatre Annemarie Carpendale at night of February 29. And the question arises: Was the "Hidden Camera 2016" for the catwalk experts Gätjen possibly intended as compensation for escaping Academy pleasures?

Hollywood was on Saturday evening of February 13 in any case highly visible on the Rhine. The set designers had the neoclassical theater Duisburg completely tuned for ZDF show "Hidden Camera 2016" at Dolby Theatre, with lots of black and glossy and gold. Schick it looked. As elegant in black unit and imposing in its fullness the prominent crowd: Uwe Ochsenknecht, Andrea Sawatzki and Christian Berkel on Michelle Hunziker and Uri Geller to Ralf Möller, Thomas Anders, Tom Beck and The Boss Hoss. Even the trophy, similar to the US golden boy, not lacking.

should be awarded in Duisburg like a talent show the funniest offloading from hidden spy cams. Entitled to vote: Only the audience. Nevertheless, a "hammer Jury" (Gätjen) from Carolin Kebekus had (in charge of the expertise of the comedy factor), Heiner Lauterbach (acting performance) and President Schweiger butt in (the whole package). But what to do with adulation churning as "Does my fun" or "War super" man? The little etch (Kebekus: "Very nice, but also very asi") went under. The jury Trio: superfluous as a goiter.

At least in the final judgment, judges and callers agreed: "short Erschrecker" Nelson Müller stood out from the otherwise moderately funny movie listing: Mark of the ZDF-cooking even jumped around on the office corridor as Tyrannosaurus Rex, sometimes he had a dog in tarantulas Costume flit through the parking garage. Also shockingly well, only in a different way: as Uwe Ochsenknecht Schlager copy Andreas Thomasz from Zwickau with Föhnwelle the wellengeföhnten Ex-Modern-Talking-Head Thomas Anders stole the New Year's Eve show at the snorted: "So, the editors are getting stupider . "

This of course is a flat rate as incorrect. It is true that editors in TV entertainment area Ream While creating originals, but the creativity is usually sufficient just to copy. Best example: the format idea "Hidden Camera" or "Candid Camera". The original comes from the Precambrian of television, which with their ARD show hidden camera hat Paola and Kurt Felix this country gave a new impetus in the 1980s (and Guido Cantz currently holds somewhat in momentum). On "Candid Camera" in the First ZDF answered in the nineties with "full-caught" and Fritz Egner or with "The Hidden Camera" and Thomas Ohrner. Sat 1 had "In the world laughs" in the program and "Caution camera", Pro Sieben tried it last with "paws stone" (cf.. MK-criticism).

And the format comeback in ZDF? The public broadcaster or company Constantin Entertainment with producer Otto Steiner, a designated format experts ( "In the world laughs"), present despite Hollywood Klimbim still all that an old hat. Instead it consistently aufzuhübschen with amazing, insane or ironic feathers, they fall into the dustbin of entertainment of anno PIEF what have come to be part of the casting show fuss and Fernsehballett anyway. Whereby, even friends from this relic on slender legs were not at their expense in the Gätjen show. The dancers were rarely in the picture.

A breakaway from the vintage atmosphere - or should we better call pandering to the so much awaited by ZDF Generation Y? - There was yet: Gätjen tweeted, hoho, an upside photo on which the actor Florian David Fitz actor Matthias Schweighofer evidently a arrived, quasi "revenge" for the previous punishment during a bogus taxi with birthing Mitfahrerin. 3000 prompt retweets this photo prompted the moderator to quip: "We have won at least 20 spectators to." Made in total quota accounting for "Hidden Camera 2016" (market share: 12.0 percent) only 3.65 million. A fairly small number for a Saturday night show. This television of yesteryear probably failed already. Since the probability is higher that Steven Gätjen soon reported by the Oscars, as that there is an issue "The Hidden Camera 2017".

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