Our last test of gadgets and accessories cry to listen while track and put you in the skin of the most famous agent in the world ...

The first gadget given by Q in Bond in "From Russia with Love," was a simple suitcase bomb. Thereafter between recorders pens, watches television and other ancestors of the GPS 007 has always been at the forefront of accessories to better spy.

Since then, technology has come a long way. The spy hidden camera, almost invisible, are within the reach of every budget and is now hiding in the most unexpected objects: pen, glasses, tie, car keys or mobile charger. "The first price is 59 euros for an HD camera with integrated battery and memory," says Benjamin Renassia, the Conectic + store in Paris, which sells for 400 euros spy equipment daily. "And it continues to grow," he observes. His clients range from the woman deceived the pensioner whose car is regularly striped, through the employee in conflict with his employer. Suddenly, the against-espionage is also a sector that has the dimension: encrypted smartphones and microphones detectors sell nearly as well. Overview of gadgets, all nonprescription, to play the spy.

The gadget Mr. 007

With the role of Q, the gadget of Mr. Bond, Desmond Llewelyn is the actor who starred in the largest number of the saga of films (17 of 23). But during these thirty-six years, it will become apparent that thirty minutes to the screen, all in all.

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