Tattoos are problem for Apple Watch, according to news released by the famous brand of apple, which states that the body, adopted by millions of people worldwide, can disrupt the operation of the smart watch.

If you have tattoos, especially on the arm and wrist, and are thinking of spending a few hundred dollars to purchase the smart watch Apple's worth staying tuned to this news, because the tattoos can interfere with the correct operation of some device features.

According to the manufacturer, permanent or temporary changes in the skin, such as tattoos, can affect the performance of the heart rate sensor of the device, and also disrupt other smart phone watches features.

The ink of tattoos can disrupt the functioning of the heart rate sensor Apple Watch (Photo Illustration)

The reason tattoos hinder the operation of the Apple Watch is that the ink and the saturation of some tattoos can block light from the heart rate sensor of the clock, making more difficult the process to obtain reliable readings.

Also according to Apple, failures are connected to the sensor with green light LED and photodiode (which are sensitive to light) of the device whose function is to measure the pressure and the frequency of the heartbeat. Certain shades can confuse the sensor, making the present erroneous readings.

The smart watch works with the latest versions of the iPhone (Photo Illustration)

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Another problem encountered by the company is that the darker tattoos can also cause problems in the bluetooth smart watch, preventing him from being able to identify the user's wrist. Thus, the clock ends up leaving to show notifications and can even shut down.


The tattoos can also prevent the identification of the user's wrist, causing the disconnect device (Illustrative photo)

Launched recently, Apple's smart watch brings very interesting features, especially for those who already own an iPhone. Connected via Bluetooth to the iPhone 5 or newer version of the smartphone, it sends multiple alerts about incoming messages, notifications, calls, etc.

In addition, the device also allows you to monitor the physical activities, helping in the improvement of its performance, and also functions as a virtual wallet to make payments via NFC, among many other functions.

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Three models are currently available, and the price of Apple Watch part of $ 349.00 (equivalent to R $ 1,073.94, the day quotation May 4, 2015).