The smoke detector false, to keep an eye on his house during his absence

Who would suspect that this smoke detector is actually a wearable camera? This includes several features to allow you to capture all significant moments that take place in your home when you're not there.

A spy camera nestled in a smoke detector

You have doubts about what happens to you in your absence? With this fake smoke detector you can view all the events taking place in your room. It is very discreet and no one would suspect that it actually contains a camera. You can set it according to your needs. It is set using the remote control.

You can start to record video, to record sounds or to take a photo. His best popular feature of all is its ability to shoot as soon as she sees a movement. You can set this mode before going out and it will capture every movement that occurs in your home. Once back, you just watch the video on your computer. You then plug it into a USB hub to transfer the data or to charge its battery. In total you can save data to 4GB.

The perfect gift for your loved ones

This spy camera smoke detector that is not really a sure to please your friends who need it because they are afraid of burglary for example and want to detect any intruders entering their homes. They will install in strategic locations such as in the entrance and near exits through which bad people are likely to come. This material will keep an eye on their property while they are at work.