Can you still remember the spaceship Orion from the TV series Raumpatrolie? Or to David Hasselhof in his television series Knight Rider? Then they know also determined that future dream was realized in two series. True, it was the communication devices as the watches were worn on the wrist. Thus Dietmar Schönherr could not establish contact with his Orion, or David Hasselhof call his car. Who would have thought that these future versions would be true in a few decades. Today is the day. The smart watch that is actually a small computer, has become reality. SmartWatch we call this new device that will capture our wrists in the coming years.

What are Smart Watches at all?

PM + Smartphone

Basically, are mostly in Smart Watches are a combination of a wrist mobile watch phone (watch) and a smartphone. Thus smartwatches deliver large scope of smartphones compact wrist. Of course, can not be the same place performance as the latest smartphones in a SmartWatch. Finally, there is already a small miracle how compact the smartphone can be built.

For smartwatches thus offer two different approaches: either you are with a lower performance satisfied yet tried the desired functions in the PM accommodate alone. Or combining the clock with a smartphone. A wireless communication between devices allows the SmartWatch can access the features of your smartphone. Thus, the cumbersome handle to the phone mostly unnecessary.

Watch Phones

The phone watches can be considered the forerunners of Smart Watches. Watch Phones behave to smartwatches as well as mobile phones to smartphones: The latter are more efficient and have usually many more capabilities. In particular, this also applies to the use of the Internet. Social Networks, Web and email are essentials on the modern equipment.

However, those who can definitely still like to see the so-called cell phone watches interested exclusively for the telephone function. Such models already exist since the 90s. Of course, a lot has also been done here, so that one should resort to a current model.

From the first digital clocks to today's best smartphone watch it was a long way. Twenty years ago, there have been attempts the benefits of mobile phones to connect with watches. The result were so-called mobile phone watches, a much simpler version of today's watches.

However, these were not commercially successful. Only with the advent of smartphones took the idea of ​​intelligent watch on your wrist back into the foreground. The SmartWatch is a team player. You need a smartphone as a partner. Using Bluetooth to transfer data of the mobile phone to watch. So you constantly have access to important data and information.