LG Urbane: discreet and classic design

The LG Urbane brings the union of the classic design of wristwatches with all the features of a smart gadget. The great advantage of smartwatch LG Urbane is to be at the same time a technological device with various functions, while following the pattern of analog wristwatches.

Sober and visually pleasing, the watch from LG is a market option after discontinuation of G Watch R, made in mid 2015. The gadget has Bluetooth, 4G connection, Wi-Fi and is compatible with Android ™ 4.3 or iOS 8.2 or higher (with limited functionality).

The cheap smart watches is sold in standard configuration with a leather strap, which can be exchanged for standard bracelets 22. It is also resistant to water and dust.

Smartwatch with good battery life? It is possible

Watch Intelifgente LG Watch Urbane

A positive point of LG's smartwatch is its battery. Big problem in the industry, the LG Urbane can withstand up to 36 hours in full operation, is performed one full charge. This point is also positive, as in making the machine takes 1 hour to charge. Point for LG!

The internal memory is of 4GB Ram and 512Mb memory, same configuration Moto 360 from wiseup website.

A unique feature of the LG Urbane is the composition of your screen. Uses P-OLED, which is a mixture concept of the traditional LED with a plastic material called polymide. His panel is backlit and has a good resistance on a daily basis, likely a few risks.

The price of smartwatch in Brazil is R $ 1,349 and the device can be found in the United States for U $ 349 + taxes. The LG Urbane won a second version recently, but that was quickly withdrawn from the market only six days after the release due to hardware problems.