The Indian company Hug Innovations, led by founder and CEO Raja Sekhar Neravati developed worn next-generation device, which is a smart watch that can control the computer, monitor, smartphone applications, electronics, headset virtual reality, intelligent toys, and home automation using wrist movements It transmits iSmartWatch.

Hug Smart Watches are not only as a safety device, but can also boast unique features that no existing model in the market can offer. With a simple but luxury design, Hug new smart watch also act as a companion during a meal, offering a huge base of Indian cuisine memorizing data and the user's favorite products, to continue to make special offers to the user.

The device remembers the dietary habits and training schedule, quickly detects food intake, heart rate, and other details in order to become a true guide of good health.

When it comes to personal safety, Hug SmartWatch reflexively react to a threatening situation and sends a distress signal to friends and nearby emergency services. This function can also be activated manually with the SOS button. In addition, watch recognize specific hand gesture as a signal of trouble, keeping the secrecy of the owner.

Computer, smartphone applications, electronics, virtual reality headset can be controlled using proprietary gesture recognition technology using contextual intelligence, why the same gesture can be used for different commands depending on where and in what situation the user is located.

According to the company, bluetooth smart watch can be used to work with an unmanned device that supports Bluetooth. Currently Hug integrated into the Parrot drones, drones that allows you to control a wave of his hand, and SmartWatch can be used to perform various tricks.

Hug SmartWatch has 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory and is compatible with Android KitKat, and the IOS 800 and its later versions. The watch will be available for $ 147 on Flipkart in August this year.