In this article you will learn what it is - "Smart Watch", as well as prices, specifications and photos on many models of the best smart watch.

Smart Watch - is a small mobile computer in the form of our usual watches. Often their electronic displays generated image, completely copying the usual good old clock.

Currently, the technological capabilities have increased before the unit the size of a watch may accommodate a full smartphone communicator with a full range of relevant features.

Most of them are running mobile operating systems: Android Wear (specially designed for the super-compact mobile computers), the usual Android, Tizen and Pebble OS.

Naturally, such devices use a variety of specialized applications (programs): browsers, programs to send messages like SMS, and e-mail, make phone calls and many others.

In the majority of them are embedded Bluetooth modules. And there are some particularly advanced GPS and WiFi.

Most often, they are already familiar touch touchscreen display and voice control.

Some models wearable computers are not independent and can only work in conjunction with the main mobile computer (tablet, laptop or smartphone). Such modifications are essentially made outside the main display device with some limited control functions that display individual signals and report certain events, for example, the arrival of an SMS or any other message.

Smart clock, running on the Android operating system (Android), or compatible with it, releasing a lot of companies, including the Sony (Sony), and the Samsung (Samsung).

It is encouraging that there are smart watches produced here in Russia. They are called ONETRAK.

There is a kind of smart watch called fitness bracelet. About half the models fitness bracelet is a function of the time display. In the other half do not, and often there is no display. Fitness bracelets often act as additional devices to smartphones, tablets, which have all the necessary information is displayed.

Below you can read the descriptions, specifications, photos and prices on most bluetooth smart watch, manufactured and sold in the world today.