Telephone conversations are an integral part of everyday life: so few spies discover objects that allow you to make your life easier when you make calls!

The voice changer:

Want to change your voice on the phone, whether it is to protect your anonymity or simply a good joke between friends? Then this voice changer is what you need! Particularly easy to use it can work with any fixed or mobile phone: no need to worry about the compatibility of your devices so! It will also allow you to choose between eight votes of men and women different so you can find one that suits you best. And for even more efficiency this device can even be used on an intercom, pager, walkie-talkie or other voice communications device, so be sure to fit your needs.

The call recorder:

Who has not wanted to record an important conversation whether for practical reasons, legal or simply to listen to a funny moment, loud or soft spent with the people important to you? Well it is now possible with this black and white call recorder! Thus, it allows you to record all your conversations with ease at the touch of a button. And to be sure not to miss anything important you can even set your device to automatically record your calls: ideal to remember to save when you get a call out of the blue! Finally, its high in speakers allow you to listen to your conversations at any time or even turn your device into speakers, since you can store all your favorite music on your SD card and listen whenever you like.

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