Samsung was one of the first major technology manufacturers to showcase their innovations at IFA, the largest electronics show in Europe, which takes place in Berlin until September 10

On the afternoon of Wednesday (3), the Korean Samsung showed four products to be launched in the coming months. The Galaxy Note 4 a 5.7-inch smartphone; the Galaxy Note Edge, a smartphone with curved screen; the Gear S, new version of its best smart watch; and Gear VR, an accessory that turns the smartphone into a virtual reality goggles.

In general, it can be said that Samsung was not surprised. Most of the announcements made today - the clock, the phablet and virtual reality accessory - was already provided by the specialized press technology. The surprise was for the Note Edge, which we'll discuss later. The Korean manufacturer maintains, therefore, the strategy that has made it the world's largest technology company by revenue: launch products in all trends and reap the rewards of those who thrive.

Following are some comments on each one of Samsung's releases:

Gear VR

Samsung is trying to enter a segment still unclear, but that is dependent on large technology companies, should generate good results in the future. It is virtual reality. Google has its product, Amazon is also eyeing the technology. But it was Facebook that gave the most important step, buying Oculus VR, the highlight of this sector so far. The company developed a powerful pair of glasses used to simulate digitally environments of all kinds. The partnership between Samsung is precisely with the Oculus.

The accessory called Gear VR, has a plug for smartphone. The lenses then go to design the phone screen 360 degrees. I tested with a children's game. A character with a sword that had to strike monsters scattered a large hall. Although it is primitive and limited, there is no doubt that is something promising. It's really fun and makes you want to not stop playing. It, therefore, be combined with the company that stands out in this sector. Let's wait and see where Samsung can reach in this promising market. Price and dates were not disclosed.

Galaxy Note 4

It is the new version of the phablet, as they are called devices with intermediate size screen between smartphones and tablets. In the case of the Note 4, the screen is 5.7 inches. It's bad to carry in a pocket, but brings powerful capabilities to the big screen fans.

 One new feature of the Galaxy Note 4 is the stylus, which won functions. The accessory, which is attached to the bottom of the device, it became a kind of mouse. You can drag items, select, copy and paste text and zoom in screen elements. Still, I continue with the same opinion with respect to any smartphone with stylus. It is a disposable item. If there were, it would not make much difference for those who are used to using the touch screen.

Note 4 of the cameras are good. The rear has 16 megapixels and makes high-definition video. On the other front, 3.7 MP, comes with an interesting feature for lovers of "selfies". It is the panoramic selfie, to take pictures of yourself (or groups) at an angle of up to 120 degrees.

Finally, Note 4 had an improvement in the battery. In terms of duration, development was timid - less than 8%. But the highlight was charging. According to Samsung, plugged into the outlet, the Note 4 carries half the phone's battery in just 30 minutes. In the previous version, as a comparison, the process lasted 54 minutes.

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