In recent months, Samsung has been working hard to make the experience with the Gear VR even more simple, dynamic and intuitive for users. In May, some images were leaked indicating that South Korea would be working on an exclusive control to the headset VR company, since unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the Gear VR does not yet have its own control in the set.

Microsoft also announced that the control of Xbox One will gain support for the Gear VR, thus increasing the range of alternatives to the accessory owners. However, even this week, another novelty is here to enhance the experience with the Gear VR, which will soon gain a unique application for remote control via smart watches Gear S2 and S3.

Samsung issued a statement to announce that it is working to integrate devices with the Gear VR, this will allow users to control applications and content directly through the watches. The application for remote control Gear VR will greatly facilitate the lives of users, one time that they will be able to move a gallery, for example, simply by turning the front panel and pressing the physical buttons to choose from.

The application will also work for virtual reality playing videos and even games that has simplified commands. Support for control via smart phone watches opens opportunities for various applications, and is certainly a recipe for developers in the future.

Samsung has not mentioned details as to when the application will be officially released, but it's likely that he gets along with the Galaxy S8 early next year. According to rumors, the Galaxy S8 can count on a powerful GPU enough to wheel content on VR 4K natively, which means a new path in Samsung's history.

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