Samsung has announced its new line of smart watches, the Gear 2, which comes to market with many new features. And confirming the rumors, the Gear 2 will be Tizen as an operating system, which is not surprising, since the focus of the company is also making money with your software, which was produced in partnership with Intel.

She says that users can expect a good range of applications, as well as compatibility with the new Galaxy smartphones, the company. The Gear 2 comes with a battery of 300 mAh, which provides up to two or three days of use. It also comes with heart rate sensor and pedometer, for those who like to exercise. Cardiac sensor knocks against Apple with the idea to add this function to the probable "iWatch" rumor that is gaining world power to the outside.

The Gear 2 is equipped with a screen of 1.63 "(inch) touchscreen, 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM, plus speakers and now, too, it will have a camera on top of the clock - the Gear 2 Neo, more "basic" model lacks camera.

The watches will be launched in several colors, including the colors and charcoal wild orange (see photo at top). If you are interested in these little beauties, know that the new line of buy smartwatch will be available to the world starting from April, and its price should be released soon.