The safety of children in public is threatened by a variety of influences. Traffic and crime are virtually everywhere and children are the most defenseless victims in these areas. To protect the best possible way their child from the dangers of everyday life, we have to visit the safety for children, a comprehensive range of products, which allows you to protect her child.

Children on their way to school and at play

Especially in the dark winter months, the danger on the road for children increased significantly. Gloomy weather and fogged windows are just two of several factors that make it the motorists hard to keep track. During this time, it is good if their child has on the way to or from school with a high quality reflector vest. With a reflector vest the child is perceived and respected by the roadside even from a distance. With the Kiddy-Safe Plus to their child's safety also expands. The set is designed for children in road traffic and in addition to the reflective vest a flashing light, a reflection band and the reflector bears. So is playing providing for your child's safety.

Unfortunately, the traffic is not the only danger. Again and again we read of threat and blackmail of children by youth gangs. This can be counteracted, to offer products that make passersby to the plight of the child attention. Predestined for this is the personal alarm with double Irene and light. When threatened, the child can trigger with a simple push of a button, the only 67-gram device. A very loud siren sound in connection with a permanent signal flash ensures that every passer is carefully around.

The fear of the abduction of their own child can be mitigated with the device somewhat. Probably the smallest GPS locator in the world ensures that at any time can take place to locate a missing child. With only 52 grams heavy Microtracker S1 / S2 can be mounted unobtrusively on the clothes, the determination of the child's position in case of emergency is possible.

Children home alone

Of course, responsible parents leave their children unattended at home. But just smaller children need protection, even if they sleep or play only in the adjoining nursery. We also provide on corresponding products that help to protect their child, without having to be constantly in the same room must. Such as the baby monitor with monitor and night vision mode, which transfers not only noise but also a picture of the child in an adjacent room via radio. So parents no longer have to puzzle, what are that for sounds coming there from the speaker of the receiving section, but immediately see what's going on. Even in the dark in the nursery make the built-in infrared lighting for sufficient visibility, without disturbing the child during sleep. The products of help parents in the protection of their own child, reliably and safely.

*** Company Description:

The Investigation & Protection Services Online Shop offers a wide range of products that the other can also be used for espionage purposes provide for a personal safety and. Besides spy cameras, listening devices, night vision equipment or a complete detective equipment there are also Aufsperrtechniken or tracking device. To protect for their own welfare or that of the child provides the online store fire alarms, video surveillance or even quite mundane things like reflector jackets for children or baby monitors.