Home Protection offers a new range of IP wireless surveillance cameras at low prices to secure your business or home.

What is an IP security camera?

An IP surveillance camera is so called because it is connected to the internet. It is a standalone camera that connects to your internet box and WiFi without the need of a computer on your home or business to send you or you're images on your iPhone or other smartphone, iPad, or other tablets, or a computer connected to the internet.

Fixed or motorized, IP cameras allow both to monitor the smooth running of a business work day, as discreetly monitor the babysitter child or a check your alarm system to alert without having to move . Multi-task, the wifi surveillance camera can logically be provided with different options based on its main use. Some can even withstand the weather and be installed outdoors.

Home Protection wifi surveillance camera are all equipped with a WiFi connection in addition to the internet connection by network cable, you can install or you like by simply supplying via an outlet. Becoming the wireless internet connection.

IP cameras sold on Home Protection are able to trigger the sending of photos in real time by email when motion detection in the field of view thereof and recording videos. When you receive an email notification of intrusion with photo attachments so you can connect to your spy camera wearable via your smartphone, tablet or computer, and view live and what happens to your home.

All are also equipped with night vision suppérieure 15m LED Infra-red. Do not hesitate! The products and services offered by Home Protection are made to ensure extra comfort in securing your environment!

Whether you are an individual, professional or video surveillance installers, Home Protection offers simple solutions for IP video surveillance or protection of your office, your home, your business, or your relatives.

And if you never dare to buy an IP camera as computer skills are limited and you will not be able to install your cameras go for it on Home Protection, telephone support and home configuration packs are available. Easy IP video surveillance and affordable it is on Home Protection.