The smart watches sector is booming, the major manufacturers have taken over the market such as Sony and its SmartWatch, Apple and its iPod Nano that can act shows or Motorola with Motoactv. But they are often quite expensive and not very open.

The Pebble is a the best smart watch project that really slice the competition. Indeed it does not offer a touch screen LCD as can the aforementioned manufacturers, but an E-Ink screen as can be found on the reading lights. This one has backlight for night and resists scratching. It does not offer touch interface, but 4 physical buttons. It is also equipped with an accelerometer, a motor for vibration, a micro processor and a battery up to 7 days of autonomy.

It is able to connect well with your iPhone as your Android smartphone via its Bluetooth connectivity. So you can checker mails, calls, calendar alerts and even notifications from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The creators have also made very open because they provide an SDK to allow you to develop applications. Some applications have already been developed to control your music, view your speed during a jog or a bike ride and more. Do not forget the first function, in fact this watch may fly several display styles of the time you can change as you wish.

Initially it was a project on KickStarter, it is well advanced since it only needed the funds to start production. The creators intended initially collect $ 100 000, they have received more than 750,000 so production should soon begin. The watch will be available in several colors for a hundred dollars, there's hope that it is marketed in America ...

Feel free to check out the range of products available on the website!