The Montblanc brand of luxury accessories, announced the launch of e-Strap, a special bracelet that "turns" traditional clocks into smart devices. The device captures information from sensors and sends notifications to an application installed on the user's smartphone. It works as a pedometer and accelerometer and lets you control music, trigger the camera, among other cellular functions.

The e-Strap has touchscreen monochrome OLED screen and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone. The bracelet does not have the advanced sensors such as heart rate monitor, found in iWatch Apple, for example, but the novelty is a big leap forward from industry to the best smartwatch.

Montblanc, however, chose to join the new digital without losing the traditional design of its luxury watches. The mixture ensures that lovers of the brand to access new technological mechanisms without giving up your personal taste. The bracelet can be purchased separately or together with the Montblanc watches.

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