The Eminent EM6130 mini-dome high-resolution infrared surveillance is a strong infrared camera camera, with a weatherproof structure. IS?? You can use this spy camera with audio as an extension of the video surveillance kit offered by Eminent. The integrated LEDs of the camera allow even vision in low light conditions up to 10 meters.

Expand your Surveillance Kit

The Mini Dome surveillance camera is ideal for use in conjunction with the Eminent surveillance kit. To record images, the surveillance camera mini dome Eminent Infrared must be connected to a surveillance recorder. Connect your camcorder to the surveillance video recorders for optimal results. IS?? you also need a coaxial cable to connect the camcorder to the existing surveillance system.

High resolution

Every detail is captured by high-resolution infrared camera Eminent EM6130 mini dome. EM6130 uses an advanced sensor that captures all of the high-resolution video.

Indoor and Outdoor Camera

IS?? You can use the EM6130 camera is at all ?? internal and external ??. The housing of the camera is waterproof (IP66) and is equipped with infrared LEDs. This makes it the ideal camera for monitoring revenue or alter zones and properties is all that external ?? to ?? internal

With an Infrared LED

Thanks to 10 infrared LEDs can see up to 10 meters even in low visibility conditions.

It includes mounting hardware

The spy devices high-resolution infrared Eminent EM6130 mini dome has an adjustable mounting bracket for wall or ceiling.