His name is Paul Littera the 32 year-old lawyer from Bologna, that Wednesday morning he discovered a micro spy camera wifi in a bathroom on the first floor of the court of Rimini. A toilet promiscuous choice from an eavesdropper to place a camera under the door roll of toilet paper and resume, having regard to the height, only women. The young lawyer has found the device bending to tie a shoe, a movement that has enabled him to note that green flashing light, the signal that the recorder was running. Unfortunately it made the only mistake of picking up the object and move it. "Otherwise - confides one of the agents intervened - we could place an additional camera and surprise the dirty."

Yes, because it probably just dirty it is. Who put the "bug" did it solely in order to capture a specific area of ​​the body of a person. The device azionava with noise and recorded images on a memory card that the author wanted to then pick and place on a computer. For the height in which was placed the "bug", he could only take a woman. If the service had been in use for a man he would have framed only from behind.

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