The focus of the presentation of the opening of WWDC 2014 was software, that is, we have not seen the arrival of any new hardware. What does that mean? The second half of the year will be very, very busy.

If we think only of the almost certain releases that we will see in 2014, we have: new iMacs - perhaps also new displays - mini Macs, MacBooks Pro, iPods, iPads and iPhones. Evidence of a new Apple TV are not lacking, then we can also put the set-top box that cake.

Obviously not all of these products deserve an event but, regardless, there's a lot to be released. With that in mind, we will have room for the arrival of an entirely new product as the coveted "iWatch" (bracelet / the best smartwatch)? According Yuichiro Kanematsu, the Nikkei Asian Review, yes.

According to him, the new Apple product will hit the market in October this year, will run iOS, will have an OLED curved screen (light-emitting organic diode) and, of course, collect many kinds of user information such as consumption levels calories, sleep activity, blood glucose, blood oxygen, among others - probably all that the Health app shows in its first version. Still Kanematsu agreement, the gadget will allow users to read messages sent by smartphones directly for him.

The "iWatch" would be the result of Apple's partnerships with upscale hospitals like Mayo Clinic (Minnesota) and Cleveland Clinic (Ohio), which collaborated in the development of new ways to analyze and manage all the information collected by the product. In addition to the hospitals, Nike would also play an important role in all of this - the two would be already integrated services in the first version of the iWatch.

As we know, Nike has made it clear that will come out of the wearable hardware / gadgets market and only focus on the development of its platform - that can be incorporated and used by many third-party products, including the "iWatch".

Apple would be pretty confident with the launch of the new iGadget. The proof would be the device's sales estimate: 3 million to 5 million units per month - a number that exceeds the total worldwide sales of bracelets / smart watches in 2013.

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