For the network you need an AP (Access Point) or access point to connect the camera (s) IP, there are several brands and different characteristics. For me to focus on the kind of speed and encryption type handles. For the speed there are several standards or network modes named below IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11n, and in the order the maximum speeds that handle these protocols are 11 Mbps, 54 Mbps to 300 Mbps.

There are variations of these protocols that improve transfer speeds up to 450 Mbps and allow and if I chose Router can handle twice that speed (450 + 450 Mbps). Most routers if they drive a better standard can also handle the above, ie if you have one N may be used to transmit mode in G and B.

Ciphers that handle most WiFi routers are WEP, WPA and WPA2. These ciphers are used to encrypt the passwords to enter the AP. WEP was the first version to encrypt passwords WIFI, and uses a size of 64 to 128 bits but are susceptible to be easily captured. WPA encryption improves or corrects some of the faults that had WEP, using 256-bit encryption key. WPA2 encryption uses 504-bit key to encrypt getting more robust encryption.

To improve security encryption is recommended choose to use strong or robust key, the more and better variety contains characters which means it must be greater 8-character password, use uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. And better not have words found in a dictionary.

If we want to improve encryption could be combined with a RADIUS server but this is generally used in a business environment, required a computer or server available 24 hours 360 days.

In the market different IP cameras is different, with different characteristics as if PTZ or fixed, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) which means that cameras are able to rotate horizontally, vertically rotating and zooming respectively. In my case, it made me important that rotate in a vertical and horizontal plane, did not need to undertake approach me so it was a homemade implementation.

Of the two features that I chose is important to note how many degrees of rotation allows, the more the better grades especially if it is on the horizontal rotation. On the other hand they will have to consider the cost benefit.

The second feature I had in mind was the connection: wireless, decide to run the risk of using a wifi spy cam, for ease of installation by not having to run cable throughout the house.

The risk is that using a network packet sniffer can break the encryption, capturing packets containing the password and using a dictionary of words or by generating random characters ( "Brute Force") get the key.

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