Highly qualified specialists, will not be difficult to pick up and buy IP video surveillance system. The cheap wifi camera installation area must be located wifi-router with firmware that supports service no-ip.com.

Other routers, for example, the ASUS 520 GU or RT-N10U, will not work. One good program for video surveillance - Webcam XP, suitable for home use and for operating with multiple cameras on a professional level.

After connecting the IP camera, which is directly connected to the router using wifi or cable, you need to make some adjustments in the program panel. They are slightly different among themselves, but ask for a list of some basic data: IP address, the port on which it operates, username and password, if required. If the setting is successful, one of the windows can be seen online mapping.

If desired, it is possible to set and microphone. In the above program, in the lower right corner indicates a local address. If it go, it will be available to view network devices.

To connect a Wi-Fi video surveillance and view the broadcast via the Internet, you must create an account on the website no-ip.com, the DynDNS service, which is able to convert the external dynamic address to the domain second or third level. After filling out the host and some other parameters, select a domain and pay attention to the prescribed port. If you need to edit network settings, it can also be made through the service itself, and then activate the newly created account, confirming his registration through the letterbox.

After filling in all the competent graph, the user will be running online broadcast as a link to the video stream, go to that can be a browser-line, through mobile devices that support Android.

In some cases, the domain is already replaces the IP + port, and address the camcorder may vary. Various programs allow users to: restrict access to view, designate selected users or filter IP. It is also possible: to keep a record on the remote FTP server, show the video in the resource, set the alarm detectors through SMS messages sending, manage IP cameras (PTZ mode), adjust video compression mode, overlay video watermark, change the recording time on the calendar and etc.

New generation video surveillance cameras.

Industry equipment for video surveillance and security management, today is experiencing tremendous growth. The population is growing interest in their own safety and their families, protection of private property and control the activities of third parties. The more professional system, the more time is needed for its design. In such cases involved The highly experienced specialist and possibly not even one. The equipment in its price category, quite different. Someone from the customer, it is possible to buy the most expensive and sought-after wearable cameras and systems, but some limited budget. In our time it is not a problem, but rather the opposite - an incentive to find effective solutions.

If we talk about professional systems and sites that ask for the installation of high-end surveillance system, it is necessary to rely on the Standard and the requirements specified by it. Government and commercial entities impose rather strict requirements for the system of video surveillance and video monitoring scheme approval decision is taken by senior management or even gosskomissiey. In fact, not all of the above and similar organizations, are willing to allocate large sums of money for the introduction of video surveillance systems. This is possible due to various reasons, in many cases - due to economic considerations. Also, such a professional system is often installed there is no need. If the state institution is being quiet quiet operation and no criminal incidents in the building and on its territory, has been seen previously, the company can do, and more budget, but no less effective, video surveillance option.