Berlin (dpa / tmn) - Action camcorder have to endure a lot. They should provide good videos of extreme situations. What should be considered when selecting the devices, is a recent test.

Buyer of Action mini dv player should look for when selecting not only on the resolution of the camera, but also to the data rate. This is indicated by the Foundation towards Warentest, which has tested twelve current models of rugged cameras. The higher is the data rate of the captured images, the liquid resists hectic movements and pans would appear afterwards at play, according to the "test" magazine (issue 8/2014).

Overall, the test results of the twelve cameras fell 120-390 euros from satisfactory, only the winner of Sony achieved a "good" in the video quality. Especially with steadiness and light sensitivity, the small Action Camcorder could not larger video cameras hold a candle, so the judgment of experts. Straight models with cheap lenses tended by the typical action dv camera wide shooting angle too recorded images with a curved image display.

The expert: Action camcorder should actually be used only in extreme situations, when it comes to short, authentic and moving images loaded from unusual perspectives. For quiet recordings with high image quality recommend Tester classic camcorder or a good digital camera.

The test winner was the Sony HDR-AS100V for about 300 Euro before Garmin Virb Elite for 335 euros and the Garmin Virb for around 265 Euro. The Hero3 + black- (385 euros) and Silver Edition (305 euros) landed on the fourth and fifth place.