If you are concerned about what gift you give your friends? And you saw the Japanese cartoon that was called "the famous police Conan", he always wore a pair of magic glasses, he could take photos to pass a button and measure the distance, but now in life reality you can also have these Mini wifi spy cameras in glasses. In our shop we have this glasses is called the HD Spy Camera Spectacles. You can take photos, record the video and audio but can not measure the distance. You can give your friends a joke with your friends or your classmate or co-worker with this spy glasses with integrated mini camera.

  (If you saw someone wearing a pair of glasses with the legs of glasses are wide, you need to import it at this time. It is possible that there is a hidden camera inside the glasses, is in front of the glasses or is inside the glasses frame. It is interesting, not? And I am a good person, do not you? These spy glasses looks like a normal glasses, no one will notice if you do not see this article.)

  If you like to wear your glasses you still do not have myopia, you can use this pair of spy glasses with built-in camera because the lens of the glasses is normal transparent glass.It will not hurt your eyes. In addition spy glasses with hidden camera, the glasses Spies can take photos, it is very convenient, you do not have to take your mobile phone from your pocket or your handbag when you see some beautiful landscapes or people. You only need to press the spy glasses button at the time. Take a photo is a photo. The spy camera glasses has improved the life of mankind.This spy camera high resolution glasses is a good assistant of meeting, if you have worked, you can use it record the important meeting.You can take the person with the secret way you like, and She does not realize this discreet spy goggles. You also give away this camera goggles to her as the birthday gift. (Micro SD 8GB memory card). I believe this high quality spy glasses will be a more interesting gift. People always like new things. Especially the girls. The spy camera in glasses has the full 1920 HD video resolution × 1080P, so you can call this glasses "spy camera high resolution glasses" or "mini spy cameras" "spy glasses full hd".