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CCTV viewing over the Internet

 How to work the camera IP Network Camera with broadband or ADSL, which allows the user to watch. Sound recording and sound remotely via ADSL high speed internet to homes, stores, warehouses, offices, etc., see the work of 24 hours or as long as the Internet connection speed. Dynamic IP, which includes dealing with the ISP or Internet Service Provider is allocated to Internet users that a Home Use the Internet or a home that is a variation of Public IP, which can change at any time.

Let's see how to install and manage the Dynamic IP that you do it.

 First, we need to have telephone lines with Internet access, it is important to watch the hearing live images from the camera IP Network Camera will interest your Internet Service Provider. Where revenue is up With your discretion and with any internet service provider supports some other things that you have to decide. It is to choose the speed of data transmission of high speed internet. If higher speed, it makes the quality of the audio and video signals from cameras, IP Network Cameras is more powerful in this camera prototype our speed at 256 Kb / s on the part of the Up Load (data) what is lacking. not another for connecting to the Internet at high speed, it is the choice of device ADSL Modem Router, which is prevalent in today's uncertain ADSL Modem Router features and functions to better use than ADSL Modem unusual there. property management The various networks such as NAT, DMZ, Firewall, Virtual Server, DDNS, and some models include Remote Management Port 10/100 Ethernet port and Wireless devices can be made available. Whether a notebook computer or camera IP Network Camera comes on instantly without. Other auxiliary equipment

The ADSL Modem Router how to fit and work well together with IP Network Camera? From this article, for example ADSL Modem Router Model Bipac 5102 with 4 Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch is equipped with a feature & function of diverse applications also. A function that supports use with Dynamic IP, we can control the camera IP Network Camera (access) from around the world. In order to control the camera and DVR. Internet from any remote location without having to worry about the frequent change of IP Address anymore.

Installation from leading telephone line with WI-FI connected to the RJ11 of ADSL Modem Router and connect the cable end into a channel RJ45 any channel of the router and the other end of the cable to the RJ45 camera IP. Network Camera, the next step is. Bringing another Ethernet cable to connect to a computer and the RJ45 for the rest of the router to be used for a variety of settings for the router to connect to the camera. High Speed ​​Internet

 IP Address that the first use of this model is that a router. (Assume) and the camera The computer will be handing out the IP Address automatically from the router. In this hypothetical is and for IP cameras for the computer.

Modem Router to connect to the Internet. Then turn the computer into a Web Browser Address, type the router ask the Admin Password, User name, type, type Admin as well.

Then go to the Wizard Setup Mode settings of the router. Here is a selection of the Routing Encapsulation Mode Select PPPoE is later selected as Multiplex LLC and virtual Circuit ID option VCI and VPI as Internet service providers, that are used in this selection is 0 to 32.

Click the Next button to enter the User name and Password is the provider. Internet has given itself Enter Code option and press Next again to show that we value Configure in the above.

Finally, Save Setting this computer, you can surf the Internet quickly.

 Configuration settings for the camera when connected to a cable from the router to the cheap spy cameras. Then the router will distribute the IP address of Edessa (IP Address) to the camera, but we do know that the camera is using the Installation Wizard that comes with the camera to scan the IP router issue to the camera.

When we went to see the IP address of the camera to the computer to determine a Web Browser. Parameters (Parameter) of the camera. We should set up an IP camera into a Static IP is to Fix IP, which is the exact value and does not change when the camera Restart occurred in this instance is that the IP.