With the sad figure of more than 382,000 burglaries per year in France is a burglary every 90 seconds. It seems important to make good arrangements for your safety and that of your pets.

The installation of video surveillance system, motion sensor, special alarms for pet owners, can be used to deter a determined thief. We do not think about often but our pet is one of the first people directly faced the perpetrator.

Even if your dog to an impressive build, it's a whole person and furthermore a member of the family, so it's not for him to sacrifice. No doubt about the loyalty and courage without limit your mate, it could undoubtedly his life for you.

One has to take care of his dog, and this also involves other inexpensive investment. For example, buying a fire extinguisher in case of fire, another way to protect his home but our little fellow defenseless against the incidents of everyday life.

In most cases, the burglars try to force the door or windows. Check the reliability of your door and possibly invest in a multipoint lock preferring a professional installation by a locksmith.

For burglar glass windows can be installed in solid component reinforcement. Attention, however the glass door, prime target of criminals who are usually not more than a minute for forced.

The efforts of the police and gendarmes mobilized in that struggle provide very good result, but alas, it seems difficult to completely eradicate this phenomenon that affects more and more distant provinces. Statistically, in the next 6 years 1 in 10 could be a victim of burglary, therefore mistrust.

Maintain good relationship with its neighbors is also a smart way to protect themselves.

In summer you monitor your home by the police or the gendarmerie with the operation "Peace Holidays" This is free and very effective, just give these holiday dates by filling in a form to the Police or Gendarmerie patrols perform a round to your home.

The few quick tips: Simulate your presence over short periods (light, music, TV ...), stick a "alarm" sticker, buy a fake alarm, do not leave visible objects through windows, jewelry, keys ...

I protect my home, so I protect my animals!

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