Hidden surveillance camera in alarm clock with full HD video resolution and battery / HD spy camera for discreet video surveillance with motion detection / Spycam with recording and remote control.

Clock Spy Camera
1. How good is the disguise?

Through the reflective display none of this is to recognize that it is the alarm clock is a Tarnkamera. The controls and the microSD slot are hidden in the battery compartment. The control via remote control. The time is displayed and an alarm function is available.

2. Where can I use the camouflage?

An alarm clock spy camera is of course just as unremarkable, which also has a clock energized in itself a sensation. Most likely the application is therefore probably in the private sector, for example, useful on the nightstand in the bedroom. Of course, this does not exclude other regions, but it is somewhat limited.

3. How good is the technology behind it?

The Full HD resolution and wide viewing angles convince the battery enables a recording time of 8 hours on a single charge. The video recording can also be motion activated. Read more article aout spy products at http://spycameeras.blogspot.com/