To bring videos of his exploits motorcyclists, there are a multitude of solutions. But interest in bringing the original images is to have the smallest camera in order to place at strategic locations of the motorcycle. One that will be presented here, meets this criterion.

Indeed, its small size: 3 x 4.4 x 6.6 cm and a weight of 127 g make the Digital Hero 3 an indispensable tool for who wants to film her fired. While it is obvious that this mini spy camera will not be worth the high end equipment, digital hero 3 fights. Its 3 megapixel sensor can record video in 513 * 384. In this configuration, you will be able to record 56 minutes of film with a 2GB SD card. The power of this camera is by 2 AAA batteries and plugs into your computer via USB.

To purchase this camera, you can choose from 3 kits. In these kits, only the method of fixing exchange. The cheapest kit to attach the camera to handle. Then, a second kit is provided with a fixing system for helmet. Finally, a fixing system for motorcycle is provided in the third set. Of course, once you have made the choice of a kit you can buy separately from other modes of clashes. To order kits and fixing systems, please visit Wiseup. Numerous video examples are available on the site.