Thanks to new technology cameras and spy microphones are increasingly undetectable and easy to use, even taking the form of everyday objects: who knows, maybe your clock or your wall outlet, are they not so innocuous that? However, with 1001espions more panic: with our microphones detector and spy cameras you can be sure that no one is watching your actions!

Thus, this small device that fits in the palm of your hand, can be carried around with ease and allow you to locate cameras, GPS plotters and microphones hidden in the room with its signal detection modes wireless camera lens detection. You will be able to locate precisely microphones plotters and spy cameras, and it made easy: you simply scan the room with the device and follow the signal if it detects something.

This spyware detector devices will be the ideal tool to ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones, check that no one monitors your workplace and so guard against industrial espionage, be sure that your friends do not prepare you a joke or just make sure that your partner makes you totally trust! Ultra-compact and lightweight, it can be carried around with you on your travels and other moving, never clutter.

Finished paranoia therefore, this device will allow you to circulate in and out with confidence. It will also be the best way to protect your privacy and that of your family, so come discover the wiseup site!