Emvio - kind of clever hours of domestic developers, which includes an accelerometer, a pedometer, heart rate monitor, count calories and an algorithm to measure the stress. The project team has positioned Emvio, as the first few hours to help measure and control stress.
The project is ready for launch on Kickstarter and will be launched on Tuesday, March 17, at 18-00. The guys even prepare the Russian version of the video for the project Kikstarterovskogo domestic audience and they have a group of VC.

EMVIO works in tandem with the application for the smartphone. Its main features are:

Displays the current level of stress, the events of the day and statistics activity for the day.
When the stress level goes from medium to high, the application reminds write down what caused the stress. Therefore, the application automates logging or diary stress.
If stress is at a high level for a long time, the app provides useful tips. Also implemented the ability to share their statistics in social networks and the ability to add to any event from the diary of stress or photo audiometku.
Also it is necessary to add that there are four phone watches: for women, for men, watches with plastic housing and steel.

The most interesting overview of hours, which was released at the moment - "One day Emvio on the wrist." In its development team mate talks about his experience in the use of prototype devices and demonstrates how to affect the stress level yoga classes, a trip to the metro and the working routine.

And finally, I would like to wish good luck Emvio team! Although controversial, in my opinion, the design of the wiseup watch, they say an interesting functional and have to find their audience.

Update: next progress duties here.