A T-shirt on which you can play guitar? The cell phone pocket in ham optics? Or maybe a bracelet with secret messages? The cool cheap gadgets combine ideally a good design with new functionality - if not, this will be only one in the foreground: the fun factor!

Gadget is incidentally English for apparatus, gadget or frills. I agree! And all that we have compiled for you. In the gallery you will find a lot of things that have the potential to favorite part or make a super gift idea - for geeks, boys, girls and everyone else.

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New favorite parts

This might look like an acorn, but is actually the Motz Tiny Wooden Emotion speaker who can come up with any MP3 players to use.

What so small and sweet comes here, has it all: two connections for USB, a 3.5 mm jack and a radio! The small acorn is incidentally handmade of apricot wood - and can be quite noisy. Really very pretty.

Air guitar was yesterday! Now comes the T-Shirt Guitar - and that plays really. There is a mini guitar amp as a belt clip to and with four small batteries can then be losgerockt where to go so and stands. Caution: high nerve factor for the environment.

For those who want to hide the computer nerd who is in them, no longer: the tie with boards patterns! Who professionally repaired computer so that could possibly somewhat absurd therefore come - all other work just weird. In order to meet the theme, the tie was incidentally processed with special metallic colors - and is available in two colors disk.

There is the whole thing again in genuine and guaranteed as unique. Disused memory cards are recycled here, and the Lord of the world ...

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