Home security is becoming more important every day. The need to keep our belongings safe and with all the movements that take place in our home or office in our absence. These hidden cameras are available in different sizes and shapes that can be installed anywhere and anytime. It acts as a digital pet, as our pets help us monitor our belongings, therefore, likewise spy cameras will be kept vigilant at home in our absence. There are many types of spy cameras, large or small, with wire or analog. Among all, the cameras are used extensively, since they are without problems and do not require the installation of cables. However, the operation of the network camera is more compiled than those do not have the network.Today I introduce this product which is a hidden camera on the clock.This spy watch is not very difficult to operate.

This product is a digital video recorder that can be operated by remote control. The spy camera has a capacity of up to 32GB external for camera function that makes high definition recordings (1280 * 960) at 30FPS. This device is multifunction allows Digital video recording, voice recording, motion detection recording, digital clock and file storage. The battery compatible with this device is a high capacity battery that can record up to 14h of videos. Supports SD cards up to 32GB .

  The operation of this indoor spy camera alarm clock is very easy, press the recording button on the remote control for video recording.It has the on / off button, the motion detection button, the video recording button, the Photo button and audio recording button on the remote control. In addition, the camera is very small, no one will notice it when recording images. Not at all, it is mini spy camera. If you want to prolong the use time, You can press the motion detection button for the device to enter automatic recording mode, activated by motion detection before exiting. In motion detection mode, motion detection recording when someone is put, is not, not Recordings will be made. So you can save time to use and memory space.Before using, make sure that the memory card is properly inserted into the slot, or no recordings will be made and only works like a normal clock. This camera type alarm clock is also a digital clock, behind this device have various buttons to adjust the time.You can select the system for 24 hours or 12 hours as you like.

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