To monitor the sessions do without you capture, menuisez on this pack of chewing gum. You should probably ask yourself how this could help you to such a procedure therefore already know that chewing gum contains content for a spycamera that will give you the ability to shoot everything you want in all necessary discretion .

A camera of course not visible to the naked eye giving you pictures of 1,300,000 pixel which will be proposed in JPEG format for photos and AVI, VGA for all captured videos. Perform the battery charging and also transfers all the required data to your PC via a UBS 2.0 connection.

If you want to make all your desires to view unusual action so come with us to provide you with this little gem really like no other. Its price, only € 37.50, so it's a small sum that will lead you to the right path towards the field of espionage. On our website, you can also view other such products sheets that you can try as they are unpublished and all purchases can be made directly from the link.

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