Smart Watches today are already quite familiar element geeks wardrobe. However, they are not yet very strongly quoted ordinary people - it does not look so, working for long, it is expensive. Probably for these people is precisely designed model Actwell DM88. Their value in the above product is delivered less than $ 100.

One of the most important features of these cheap smart watches - good looks. The rim around the dial is made of metal, as well as krutilki side, so that the part of the impression that this is a quite respectable and not cheap watch, not some geeky a stray. Manufacturer, of course, claims that the alloy hours almost cosmic, and it is most likely not true, but should give him his due, he is strong and looks good. The strap is made from inexpensive, but, nevertheless, the skin.

Although usually not very well renders transmit data on a smart appearance hours, in this case, everything is OK. Bluetooth smart watch photo taken under different conditions, and they will always remain a very respectable appearance.

Round display (1.22-inch, IPS, 240x240) is operated entirely. It looks like it is covered with a protective film, because instead of scratches appear on the display grooves that sometimes something as much as possible, even smooth.

In principle, the use of a clock on the sun can be, but the display is not bad so glare. And some of the inscriptions are cut. As an example, in the widget Yahoo Weather. By the way, this is the only additional content that can be installed on the device, except votchfeysov.

Permits for such a small diagonal missing pixels are invisible. Let's look at the clock on the other side.

On the back side there is a pulse sensor, connectors and speaker charging lace. The charging cord can be estimated on the first photo. The presence of the speaker can be used as an external clock bluetooth-headset. The quality of the sound, of course, leaves much to be desired, but the talk by the hour, as the special agent of the old movies without problems.

Probably because of the dynamics of the limited hours of protection standard IP53 - protected against dust and spray falling at an angle up to 60 degrees. So the shower Actwell DM88 is not necessary to go, and even more hours immersed under water. The manufacturer claims that you can wash your hands without removing the device.


All additional functions, which can be equipped with clocks, limited to the above-mentioned Yahoo widgets and five votchfeysami (main screen). Most of these features are shown in the photo above - they will show the battery charge, as well as the status of connection and bluetooth-headset (digital votchfeys) and the number of the month (mechanical votchfeys). On the other Home screens not showing the charge level and often even numbers.

All votchfeysy put through FundoWear application. I tried to connect with Android Wear watch, and even determined the application device DM88 as smart watches, but the connection is not reached. So it is necessary to be content with standard features. Fortunately, they have a lot of Actwell DM88.

Dialling numbers from the phone book.

Calendar, Alarm Clock, View messages with formulaic answers, Voice Assistant.

Notifications. Where do without them

Sleep Monitor. Based on measurements of the pulse, the clock can assess how you sleep. Pulse is measured automatically.

Meter pulse. Unfortunately, in this pulse mode is measured only at the touch of a button. Strange.

Sedentary mode. Watches give to know if the owner did not move and is kneaded for a specified interval.

Remote shutter release. In this mode, the screen image is transmitted to the clock of the camera. Handy if you want to take a picture of something left accidentally telephone.

Manage your music - the media player keys. To control the music when the clock do not start playing it, we had to be sure to be connected in parallel to the phone wired headset. Otherwise DM88 always pretended headset

Phone Lookup. Here, everything is clear: press the button, the phone rang. Conversely, through Fundo Wear app.

The most promoted feature DM88 is the ability to answer the call and wake up hours shaking hands. In fact, it does not work very stable, the desired amplitude and speed bumps should be caught, so that this feature I quickly disabled.

Interface hours translated into more or less clear, but Fundo Wear application interface suffers from poor translation into Russian.