The final session was devoted to research the miniaturization cinema cameras, and digital video. The wifi cameras and sound taken in connection with the recording media become lighter, smaller and manageable. With the miniaturization of tools, the wifi camera becomes an object closest to the handy and portable body. Any user can now easily find miniature wifi spy cameras whose size is so small that they are hidden in suitcases, pens, caps. The microphones and lenses can be worn before the eyes, wrists, between the fingers of the hand or tied on vêtements.Deux movements emerge over the inventions and changes in the actual capture tools; The wifi camera becomes a tool, a prosthesis that can be worn in place of the look or it can stand at your fingertips. The wifi camera prolong a body like the human eye or become an extension of the hand. The grafted eye Robocop contains a camera which films and records what he sees and hears. It can superimpose on the actual view, the view previously taken. Registration compares to view this in real time.

Our wifi camera is not directly connected to our organs and variously functioning of the human eye. However, some cameras can hang instead of the eyes or head lamp as a frontal torch. These spy products are used to shoot in circumstances where the user needs to have hands free. When filming pedaling, surfing, skiing, diving or climbing. In these circumstances, the eye camera is used to compensate for the lack of grip.

With wifi camera, the view can be handled by hand. Hand track, frame, temporalizes the scene. The hand grabs the real catch, pluck sight and is recovering from the sensed object. In Minority Report, all these views, past and future are played by the hands of police officers involved in the fight against pre-crime. John Anderton moving both hands in space, rewind, replay, change plan, and selected frame images received from an interface projected on transparent screens.

Finally, if the number of wifi cameras far exceeds the number of humans on the planet, other utopias remain. While both camera-eye and hand camera, the camera would film the invisible, (from smallest to largest) captures what the eye can see. Capture a scene despite a lack of brightness in order to better perceive the human eye. Being driven nano-robots or mini helicopters, be a total eye that records a spatial totality, all sides at the same time, front, back, left, right, above and below.

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