The 4K monitors are democratizing high speed this year and well before the Christmas period. This availability is not isolated because the cheap electronics online also disembark and affordable products in this premium for the general public are far from disappointing. So should we crack? The answer is clearly yes if you do not have a Full HD model because it is impossible to resist the quality of image produced. If you already have a Full HD model may think you sell it before being overtaken by the new digital generation.

4k camcorder Panasonic HC-WX970 is somewhat surprising because there are now the less than 800 € which is not within the reach of all scholarships but a very good surprise for an enthusiast. Achieve 4K video was still a dream for professionals there is little. And here we have a very compact, versatile with good pictures (in 35mm equivalent from 34.5 to 690.3 mm [3: 2] / 30.8 to 626 mm [16: 9] / 37.6-752, 8 mm [4: 3]) which is an asset for mobile consumers.

The image immediately impresses with its quality, the result of stabilization, the ability to use the optical zoom (20X and 25X basic 4K).

The main camera features a 8.29 megapixel sensor but a second rotating camera is disposed at the screen with a more modest 5.27 megapixel sensor. Both can work separately or in parallel thereby thank the cameraman or restore a better mood.

before appreciable feature Panasonic's compact and quite suitable for the unexpected shooting for both the amateur journalist who makes good use at this time of manifestation for the traveler who wishes to remain discreet. At this level you quickly will love the control function via an Android smartphone or tablet that remote offers many possibilities (Panasonic Image App is the solution. View photos and videos from the connected device and why yet share wireless content on the TV or the PC).

Still, this best camcorder is far from perfect base on a particular point because this is not the performance that is the problem here, but the interface or autonomy for 4k mode it runs out of energy 30 minutes (it will take less than 2 hours in Full HD). This will require in addition to the micro SD card 128Gb (their price has fallen happily especially if we look a little) extra batteries. To give an idea, 4K UHD to 72Mbits / sec ago enough to fill a 16GB card, not enough to hold a party or ceremony.

Another condition that must be done even if we speak of a model of family range is no viewfinder. Using the LCD screen to normal decidedly.