A 2GB MP4 player color camera: enjoy your favorite tunes while touting your entourage

You are a music lover or just love listening to music? This wearable cameras 2GB MP4 player color should of interest to you. With this MP4 support, you can enjoy an audio + video of your favorite songs format when you want and at any place where you are. With this model, many opportunities still available to you.

MP4 multi-function drive

In general, an MP4 player is used to store pictures and music but also allows us to watch videos and movies. Here is a device that will help you take your favorite music with you but can also use live TV or on demand.

Some models can even offer other functions. As 2GB MP4 player color camera for example, in addition to play videos and movies, it can also use calendar, stopwatch or a micro-recorder. You can also have fun with various games.

An ideal accessory for Spy spy discreetly

And that's not all ! This model also incorporates a mini-camera allows you to monitor what is happening around. This mini spy camera is so small that nobody will notice. With this 2GB MP4 player color camera, it is very easy to become a real spy.

With a 2GB storage capacity, you can save your videos and photos taken and watch live. Know that in addition, you'll get a very good screen visibility because the images are in color. It is also possible you to transfer audio and digital storage to your computer through a cable to buy. The same cable can also be used to recharge the battery.