A spy clock

It is always difficult to leave the house unattended, especially when there is nobody who can stay to keep. Therefore, we are forced to stay home, more outlets, more ride. All this is done with this clock that conceals a micro camera inside, you just get in and you can live in serenity.

A high quality surveillance camera

The micro camera included in this camera clock is invisible so no one will know you put in your beautiful home monitoring. It is indeed a higher quality that you will be practically satisfied with its functionality. It is emphasized that this clock is also provided with a motion detection. Therefore, it can be activated automatically when it detects movement in the area, it can take pictures or record videos.

Its equipment is supplied with it to perfect use, it comes with a USB cable for transfer of recordings taken of the day on the computer and charge the battery, there is also a manual for proper handling of the gear, and a driver CD. It should be noted that recording requires a microSD card to be inserted into the clock that is not provided with the tool since buy spy camera has no internal memory. The quality of image is sufficient to capture clear photos and videos with its 2.OM pixel.

A very design clock

It not only serves as supervisor in your living room, but it also gives a very stylish look to your room that your guests will be very jealous when they will see it. Another plus for this magnificent clock. So we can say that all the qualities are in this nice decoration-spy, just as you order it and it will come at you in no time.

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