Called the miCoach, new product brand has GPS and integrated heart rate monitor to monitor athletes performance

In addition to technology companies, other brands are also investing in smart watchs that work integrated with the smartphone. Adidas announced this week its first model: it has GPS to monitor the speed and distance traveled by the user to do exercises such as walking or jogging. MiCoach has MP3 player and also cardíado monitor to show the cardiovascular performance of its owner.

The new Intelligent Adidas watch will cost $ 400 in the United States (about US $ 860), higher price than suggested to competitors like the Galaxy Gear, Samsung, Pebble and other options with similar features, such as bracelet smart Nike FuelBand. The product of Adidas will hit stores on November 1 in the US. No product release date in Brazil.

The devices that the user can "dress" as glasses and connected wristwatches, should represent a good part of the technology market in the future. According to Juniper Research consultancy, in a study published earlier this month, the total market for these devices, which includes medical and corporate devices in addition to the accessories connected to ordinary people, reach 70 million units in four years.

The most popular products in the future, according to consulting, will be those who have functions related to sports or health, such as applications to monitor the heart rate during a race or maps to trace the bike route. According to the study, the devices with these characteristics should represent 80% of the market in 2017. The majority of sales, as usual, will be concentrated in the US and Europe.

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