Watches have always been an important accessory for men and now, in addition to mark the time, have become smart.

Smart Watches today are common on the market parts. Apple, Samsung, Sony, among many others, firmly work to maintain the quality, functionality and style, these appliances. Thinking within this same guideline, Pebble Time, launches two new models on the market.

Its features are very attractive: sensitive touch screen house, heart monitor, assistant for racing, microphone, eLink, bracelet support, internal processor of the latest generation and compatibility with all available platforms in the smartphone market. These functions vary with the choice of model 1 or 2.

The most important of all is its design that resembles traditional wristwatches. This line has model finished up with gold or silver polished. Thus, the pebble surely enter this run of best smartwatch to buy with traditional face. with style. Their prices range from $ 200.00 to $ 300.00 dollars and are on pre-sale on the Kickstarter site. Its launch in the common market should take place in September this year.

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