After my studies, I started in collocation with a friend in order to save money for my future projects. We got along great, everything was going wonderfully. Nothing abnormal was happening and the surroundings were very friendly with us but it would quickly turn to tragedy when my roommate had told me she was going to spend his holidays with his parents who lived abroad and that his return was expected in two months.

I was happy for her but not really for me since I've never lived alone, regardless of location. I started two months ahead it would pass in a flash but this was not the case when these bizarre events were produced only in the evening. I often hear utensils falling shelves and plates that reversaient themselves only in the kitchen.

When I was visiting the room, there was nobody. Before making a big step, one to notify the police about these strange meetings, I used this coat rack with wifi camera spy that I had received as a present from an ex.

Once I fixed on one of the walls of the room, I knew the next day I was doing me worried sick for nothing. It was actually a rat, that it was quietly slipped and it was he who was at the height of its ravages. After having exterminated, calm had returned.

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