I was all the time fascinated by the world of espionage. At each round, I really wanted to shoot videos unusual but given the devices I prepared, it was not something that simple. Me being walked around a bit on the net, I got to know a site that offered me many spy tools that were not at all expensive, especially that would allow me to finally realize my dream.

I had after all, plenty of choice but after careful consideration, I turned to this keychain spy. It was a portable design but one that hid many wonders inside. It was equipped with a hidden cameras wifi which was not visible if we were not aware of his true identity.

I could easily pretend to have forgotten where I wanted to record video or also take snapshots and recover once I'd finished. This is what I have done elsewhere, numerous times and I can tell you that the result in the end was more than perfect. For such a small size, porteclé gave me all the benefits I was looking for in terms of both 100% discreet surveillance.