Celebrations are the perfect time to meet your friends and family, even those you do not get to see on a daily basis. What's more normal to want then to record the moments that you spent together to make further lasting the magic of the holidays? And it has never been so simple as with this tie camera! So, this one will ideally complement your costume while allowing you to record at any time. With its sober and elegant look it will adapt perfectly to many outfits: and yes, filming has never been so chic!

This handy spy camera will allow you to record while keeping your hands free, which will allow you to enjoy the party without having to worry about holding a camera heavy and bulky. Its 4GB internal memory will also allow it to store many recordings and will save you from having to buy an SD card.


Thanks to its all-pace and classic look, this spy tie can be used in many other everyday situations. This will make it your best ally to record an outing, an important meeting at the office, a doctor's appointment, or any other important event you want to keep track of. Particularly discreet, its mini camera will allow you more to record without ever being noticed.

Under its stylish and classic tie looks a 4GB DVR kit and a high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Equipped with a built-in microphone, this tie actually conceals an invisible hidden spy cams that will allow you to record color videos with its 720 * 480 pixels in discretion.

Totally undetectable, the lens of the camera is hidden in one of the patterns of the tie. Easy to use, the launch of your recordings is done discreetly from the mini remote control, and a small vibration of the tie lets you know that the recording has started.

And if you do not wear a tie, why not opt ​​for our camera button, which you can easily slide into any shirt, or for our camera cross pendant that you can wear at any time thanks to its timeless and elegant look . Accessories that will accompany you everywhere and will be sure to make your life easier!

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