The giant Mattel recently decided to launch a revolutionary toy: a Barbie that can directly interact with the kids! So this Barbie voice recognition, nicknamed Barbie Hello, records the voice of its owner before sending by wireless transmission to Mattel servers. They then analyze the recording, detect the language and send an appropriate response to the device. A new function, similar to Siri, which should bring happiness to many girls who want to have more interactivity with their dolls.

However this clever toy is already creating controversy, particularly in Germany where he was nicknamed "Barbie Stasi" because, in order to operate, this new Barbie continuously records what is happening in the room. A feature that will allow Mattel to know at any moment what is happening around the doll and thus threaten the privacy of children by some Germans agencies.

But the debate does not end there and the doll will also be responsible to record the tastes of children and offer them a personalized answer in their games. However, his information probably be a gold mine for Mattel, which thus have a very accurate database on the habits and preferences of younger consumers. An ideal way to revive production which recently suffered from competition: thus, for the holidays of years the company's production would have fallen by 6% in favor of other brands such as Bratz. The question is whether this doll out giant crisis or if it will suffer from the controversy caused by his new find. Hello Barbie should certainly come out in the US towards the end of the year.

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