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That dogs do when they are Home Alone?

Le 9 novembre 2016, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

If you ever wondered what your dogs do all day when you are away from home, you are not alone!

We wondered, too!

We had two wonderful rescued dogs, a yellow labrador retriever and a mixture of border collie. They were both very good, well-behaved dogs, but we knew of at least one of them was to get on the bed while we were away. As a test, we found dog hair on the bed and sometimes rearranged the pillows and blankets when we returned. But with two dogs how do you know which is the culprit?

We decided to find out what our dogs have done when left alone at home with the creation of a hidden camera in the room to see who was on the bed Read on to see what our dogs have done when they were alone at home!

The suspect is very active, agile and intelligent. It is quite feverish and domineering. He occasionally went into the garbage unattended. Not afraid to regulate and control the behavior of other dogs with bark body bump or a sip.

The suspect is quiet and sometimes almost lethargic. Not very smart, but her attitude can hide devious. He was known to sit on furniture and ceilings snatch food.

What do you think of our dogs was the culprit? - It was Hannah or Tyson?

What do you think of our dogs got up on the bed when they were left alone at home? Make sure you vote before looking at the results of our hidden cams!

10.00 - The suspicions just before leaving

Our hidden camera

The hidden camera!

Find out what happens when you are away


We decided to set up a camera path that is motion activated to see if we could catch the culprit in a movie! These trail cameras are primarily designed to be mounted outside on a path to see what happens wildlife. They are activated by motion and can take photos at night or day.

Trail cameras can be set to take pictures at specified intervals. We set the camera to take a picture only every 4 minutes.

We left the house about 10 and got back a little before 05:00. Take a look at what the pictures on our camera revealed!

A camera track is a great spy camera

A hidden camera to spy on our dogs - Find out what happens when you are away

The camera motion activated, we used is an older model, but have since moved to a more recent works even better. This Bushnell Trail camera takes digital video motion activated, has night vision and batteries last over a yearl

The gadgets spy apprentice

Le 3 novembre 2016, 04:34 dans Humeurs 0

Our last test of gadgets and accessories cry to listen while track and put you in the skin of the most famous agent in the world ...

The first gadget given by Q in Bond in "From Russia with Love," was a simple suitcase bomb. Thereafter between recorders pens, watches television and other ancestors of the GPS 007 has always been at the forefront of accessories to better spy.

Since then, technology has come a long way. The spy hidden camera, almost invisible, are within the reach of every budget and is now hiding in the most unexpected objects: pen, glasses, tie, car keys or mobile charger. "The first price is 59 euros for an HD camera with integrated battery and memory," says Benjamin Renassia, the Conectic + store in Paris, which sells for 400 euros spy equipment daily. "And it continues to grow," he observes. His clients range from the woman deceived the pensioner whose car is regularly striped, through the employee in conflict with his employer. Suddenly, the against-espionage is also a sector that has the dimension: encrypted smartphones and microphones detectors sell nearly as well. Overview of gadgets, all nonprescription, to play the spy.

The gadget Mr. 007

With the role of Q, the gadget of Mr. Bond, Desmond Llewelyn is the actor who starred in the largest number of the saga of films (17 of 23). But during these thirty-six years, it will become apparent that thirty minutes to the screen, all in all.

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Thieves dogs arrested

Le 2 novembre 2016, 04:38 dans Humeurs 0

Breeder of purebred dogs is one of my passions unavoidable but also my livelihood. I love these animals, and recently I even enlarge this small canine paradise they all have more space.

variety of races I crossed as the season of love. Once the females are brought into the world, I'm on it like it were my own infants by vaccinating them and once they have reached a fairly mature, they will be presented to potential buyers.

I never experienced bad news with concern to that beautiful day when I noticed that three of the puppies were missing. Panicked, I started to look everywhere but in vain. They were not found. That was not in doubt, had stolen me.

To find out who were behind the coup, I bought online mini hidden cams and I placed in good crannies between the fences the domain dogs. I had to wait until the next range to finally find out it was a guy, a junkie in the neighborhood who crept quietly to capture newborns for resale. He went anyway, good naughty minutes at the station.

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