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Clock With HD Camera Supports The System Of 24 Hours And 12 Hours

Le 12 janvier 2017, 10:30 dans Humeurs 0

Home security is becoming more important every day. The need to keep our belongings safe and with all the movements that take place in our home or office in our absence. These hidden cameras are available in different sizes and shapes that can be installed anywhere and anytime. It acts as a digital pet, as our pets help us monitor our belongings, therefore, likewise spy cameras will be kept vigilant at home in our absence. There are many types of spy cameras, large or small, with wire or analog. Among all, the cameras are used extensively, since they are without problems and do not require the installation of cables. However, the operation of the network camera is more compiled than those do not have the network.Today I introduce this product which is a hidden camera on the clock.This spy watch is not very difficult to operate.

This product is a digital video recorder that can be operated by remote control. The spy camera has a capacity of up to 32GB external for camera function that makes high definition recordings (1280 * 960) at 30FPS. This device is multifunction allows Digital video recording, voice recording, motion detection recording, digital clock and file storage. The battery compatible with this device is a high capacity battery that can record up to 14h of videos. Supports SD cards up to 32GB .

  The operation of this indoor spy camera alarm clock is very easy, press the recording button on the remote control for video recording.It has the on / off button, the motion detection button, the video recording button, the Photo button and audio recording button on the remote control. In addition, the camera is very small, no one will notice it when recording images. Not at all, it is mini spy camera. If you want to prolong the use time, You can press the motion detection button for the device to enter automatic recording mode, activated by motion detection before exiting. In motion detection mode, motion detection recording when someone is put, is not, not Recordings will be made. So you can save time to use and memory space.Before using, make sure that the memory card is properly inserted into the slot, or no recordings will be made and only works like a normal clock. This camera type alarm clock is also a digital clock, behind this device have various buttons to adjust the time.You can select the system for 24 hours or 12 hours as you like.

And now the price of this micro hd spy camera from our website is very economic. Of course, we not only have this type of product on our website, we have different types of spy cameras, such as: coat rack with video camera, , Spy Camera Spy Camera, Spy Camera Spy Camera, Spy Glasses, Spy Camera Hidden Camera, Spy Camera Type Lighter, Many. We recently have a discount activities. You just need to search our Facebook page, Wiseupshop. And add us on Facebook, you will get an additional discount of 30% discount on your order. And if you want to know more information about other spy products, you can enter our website, WISEUP, for example, you will see detailed product information, details Of photos and how to use this spy camera, etc.

Wiseup MSC03 Wireless Surveillance Camera

Le 11 janvier 2017, 08:20 dans Humeurs 0

Surveillance cameras are, of course, the easiest to use when the picture and the sound is transmitted by radio and therefore no cable has to be complicated. This also works with the Wiseup MSC03 radio monitoring camera. The monitoring camera itself needs only one power connection, the image with a resolution of 582 x 512 pixels as well as the sound is transmitted by radio. The folds also so far quite well, one has chosen the correct channel. A range of 100 meters is specified by the manufacturer, but only without walls in between. In our test, a range of 47 meters with an outer wall and two inner walls represented the limit for a usable signal, a quite good value. On weaker channels it can happen that interference (eg with W-LAN or other radio devices) can occur, can be recognized by a bad picture and disturbing passing bars.

Super is the night vision function, which automatically turns on thanks to a brightness sensor. 12 infrared LEDs then provide for about 3 meters of night vision in black and white. The camera with its 1/4 inch Sharp CCD sensor ensures a high-contrast, high-resolution image with sufficient resolution for monitoring tasks. In addition, the high-quality metal housing is absolutely waterproof (IP 44), so the use outdoors is no problem. The microphone did not produce good results (especially at a distance and more than one wall), but the majority of the users use a surveillance camera anyway (without sound). It is best not to put the plug used for sound transmission into your TV.

The installation is child's play, the Wiseup  radio monitoring camera can be fixed with three screws on each wall of the ceiling. They can then be adjusted in two directions and a ball joint in every possible direction. The power cable is a bit too short with 50cm, but the power cable can be lengthened with a little manual skill. Otherwise an extension cable helps.

The receiver of the Wiseup MSC03 Wireless Surveillance Camera can be connected to any TV or recording device via an AV connector, via a (not supplied) USB adapter (for example the Logilink Audio and Video Grabber) you can even connect the monitoring system to a computer Digitize audio and video data.


The Wiseup MSC03 radio surveillance camera has done quite well in our test, the favorable price of only around 60 euros ensures an excellent price-performance ratio. The image quality is sufficient, the transmitting power for private households is absolutely appealing. With a little trial and error in the choice of the channels you can get a fault-free transmission despite W-LAN and other potential sources of interference. The receiver had with 2 out of 5 test devices a small wiggle contact with the AV connections, which could be "bend" with a pliers again. The 80 euros for the Technaxx radio surveillance camera are well-invested money!

Recordings with hidden camera and adaptation to legality

Le 26 décembre 2016, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

Much has changed from the earliest hidden camera shows to the latest investigative journalism. Even so, the common fact is the search for spontaneous reaction or the uninhibited statements of the one who does not know that they are recording it.

In a recent resolution of the EDPS on this subject, [i] an association ends up being sanctioned by the use of a hidden camera and the subsequent public communication of the content through the Internet. For the Agency was important that the recording appeared underage. Of the issues claimed by the association to defend this data treatment was the fact that the recordings referred to a "news". The Agency replied by stating that

"In the present case, it is a matter of the dissemination of images of minors obtained through buy hidden camera, that is to say directly captured without knowledge or consent, recorded in a place near the school and referring to the delivery of the same between the parents, without No informational interest can be seen in the dissemination of the images of such children "

The Agency relies on judgments of the Constitutional Court where it is stated that in the event of a collision of fundamental rights (privacy, image, honor) against the right to freedom of information, there is no pre-established hierarchy; Ponder which right should yield against the other:

The Constitutional Court has emphasized that since constitutional protection is limited to the transmission of "newsworthy" events because of their importance or social relevance in order to contribute to the formation of public opinion, such facts must relate to aspects connected to the public projection of the Person to which it refers, or to the characteristics of the events in which that person has been involved.

So that "only after having verified the concurrence of these circumstances it is possible to affirm that the information in question is specially protected because it is capable of being framed within the space that a free press must be insured in a democratic system" (STC 29 / 2009, of 26 January, FJ 4).

In the same way in STC 12/2012 of 30 January, and in the STS of 30 June 2011.

Thus, and as a summary, it is necessary to differentiate the typology of hidden cameras:

A) Those for entertainment purposes: put the participants in comic situations to check their reactions. Examples range from the famous David Summers movie to the Canadian program "Just for laughs".

B) Those who pursue a journalistic purpose: investigate a newsworthy event by means other than interview, cross data, or seek testimony.

Well, depending on one typology or another, some requirements or others must be met:

For recordings with wiseupshop hidden camera for entertainment purposes, the participants' subsequent consent must be requested. It is a consent that should cover both the processing of personal data and the transfer of image rights.

For recordings with hidden camera for journalistic purposes it will be necessary that the information is truthful and that it is a news event. Likewise, such recording will be adequate, necessary and proportionate for the realization of the right to freedom of information.

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